A Memorial Day Celebration

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Memorial Day is usually the start of the picnic and outdoor grilling events of the year. While the stars and stripes are the theme for table decor and outdoor decorations, the food can complement any backyard or neighborhood event.

Burgers and hot dogs are a mainstay for the person in charge of the charcoal or gas grill, but chicken, steaks, and even fish are a very close second. Setting a bowl of fresh blueberries and luscious raspberries in the center of the table will put every-one in festive mode very quickly.

The table covering can be patriotic as well. Cover either your round or oblong table with white cloth or white paper from a roll. Buy red and blue ribbon in wide and narrow widths. Self-adhesive tape is available and makes your decorating simpler. Run a red ribbon down the center of your table and place two blue ribbons about an inch apart from the red ribbon on either side. Then at intervals go vertically with red and blue ribbons and you have a table covering that invites fun and festivities. Wrap your white plastic ware in blue or red paper napkins and tie with a contrasting ribbon (red ribbon with blue napkin, or blue ribbon with red napkin.

Proudly wave an American Flag at the entrance where guests arrive. You can visit your local American Legion office and make a donation and ask for some of the poppies they offer on this day. Then place one at the setting of each guest.

Dessert can be something as simple as a one-crust blueberry pie but with stars cut out from another crust and placed on top of your pie while it bakes. Any cheesecake topped with a mint leaf and either a strawberry or blueberry medley on top is a sure fire hit.

The most important part of this celebration is for everyone to simply stand up and salute all those from all the wars who have served -it only takes a minute but it sends gratitude waves to the army, navy, airforce and marine countrymen/countrywomen.

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May, 2008

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