Charcoal Carbon Filters

activated charcoal water filter

Hydroponics does away with the need for soil to grow plants in, thus allowing indoor cultivation of plants. An essential requirement for indoor green rooms and nurseries is an efficient air filtration system to ensure that the growing plants have access to adequate fresh air. Carbon filters are ideal for this purpose.

Odor management is an important issue associated with indoor vegetable production. Vegetables, especially certain varieties such as cabbage, have a distinctive pungent smell. This is especially a problem with green rooms or nurseries since the enclosed space does not allow free circulation of air. Besides, the hot and humid conditions inside the green house that are ideal for plant growth, also promote the vigorous growth of odor producing compounds like benzene. The result is an overpowering smell in and around the area of the green house or indoor nursery.

Charcoal carbon filters are the best air purifiers for use in hydroponic green houses. They have activated carbon, which has absorbent qualities that allow it to filter out even minute contaminants in air. Activated carbon resembles a sponge with holes of different diameters. When air is passed through it, the pores filter the air by trapping and absorbing molecules of contaminant compounds. Charcoal carbon filters are usually hung on walls or placed on the floor of the nursery.

These are some popular charcoal carbon filters used in hydroponics :-

IGS Goblin Filter :- This is a lightweight filter that weighs only about 10 pounds. It is especially suitable for use in the Hydrohut Original & Deluxe models. It uses 100% virgin coconut charcoal. This filter may need to be replaced every 6-8 months.

PHAT Hydro Filter :- This is a popular little filter. It is ideal for small spaces where the filter needs to be directly attached to the exhaust fan. It uses virgin coconut charcoal.

Can 50 [420 CFM and 6″ collar] :- This activated charcoal filter has a capacity of 420 CFM. It comes with a 6-inch collar. It can purify large volumes of air and is ideal for use in hydroponics gardens.

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