Easy Water Gardening

small garden water features

If you’ve wanted to add water to your landscaping, a water feature is the perfect, easy way to get started. Water features are today hottest trend in landscaping. Water features or gardens create a great natural focal point in your gardens and the sight and sound of running water brings a magical, refreshing feel to the landscape.

If youre not sure you want to tackle a pond or waterfall, or dont have the space for one, a water tub garden would be the perfect solution.

Tub or container water gardens are easy to build, and can be placed almost anywhere you want to bring moving water. Put them by the front door, the back deck, or close to your favorite sitting area. The one requirement for running water is electricity, so locate the tub water garden near an electrical outlet. If you dont have electricity you can still have a water garden, just without the running water.

The first step is to choose a container or reservoir which needs to hold water and there are many beautiful containers available without drainage holes which work great for water gardening. Ceramic and concrete are popular materials or you can also make them out of wood, metal, rock, or plastic. A container that is at least 8-12 inches deep, or deeper and twelve inches across or larger will work, but the average size of tub gardens seems to be around two feet across and one to three feet deep.

You will need to purchase a small fountain pump. Usually the pump is rated by how many inches up it will pump the water. Youll need to keep in mind how high the water will need to be pumped to work in your water feature and purchase an appropriate size.

The fountainhead or water source is a key design element in every fountain. Using stacks of stones, or pottery pieces, and concealing the pump and hose creates a feature that seems to magically pour forth water.

Another popular fountainhead is a spout made from bamboo or copper pipe, or clay jars, old watering cans, and old iron pumps can also be used. You can find many fountainheads or spitters that are already created and sold for immediate use and are very simple to connect the pump to the fountain head with a piece of vinyl tubing that slips over the outlet of the pump while the other end goes to where you want the fountainhead to begin.

The finishing touch for your water feature is to add some plants and there are many water plants to choose from. Just choose from smaller varieties depending on the size of your water feature. Some possibilities are: miniature water lilies, water primrose creeper, small rush plants, dwarf papyrus, creeping jenny or cardinal flower, just to name a few.

Some floating plants such as water hyacinth or water lettuce are nice choices to fill in around the plants. The plants can be put right into the water in the pots they come in. A couple of small gold fish will do quite well in your water feature, if desired, and dont need to be fed as they will feed off of microorganisms, algae cells and other matter which will help keep the water algae free.

The relative ease of setting up a water feature will have you enjoying the soothing sound of water in no time. The fun of growing plants in water and setting up water features will be quite rewarding and you may find yourself looking for more places to put these fun water features.

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