Halloween Activities For Kids

halloween party ideas for kids

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable time of the year especially for children who get to wear their Halloween costumes and go from houses to houses to do their trick or treat. There are other fun ways on how to celebrate the event, most likely when you hold a party at your house or a particular place.

Face painting is a fun thing to do, this will boost the creativity of your kids while having fun using the washable face paints. You may also interest the children crafting some goodie bags out of brown paper bags, black canvas bags, and old pillow cases and beautify them with art supplies or fabric paints. Tied dye shirts and socks would do great for the costume of your kids. Home made slime is best enjoyed during these Halloween activities.

Viewing a Halloween film would be fun. You may serve popcorn, put up blankets, and arrange the whole area for a more spooky appearance. For little children, you can let them view a less scary film or pick something like cartoons. For the meal, you may make sandwiches in shapes that will match the spooky scene.

Games shouldn’t be left out like guessing the number of pumpkin seeds in a jar or apple bobbing. Create the scariest mask using paper plates, yarn, construction paper, paints or markers. Set up a theme for the party. Pin the Tail on Donkey or Black Cat is a fun game also. Record scary sounds and play them during the party to feel the mood of Halloween.

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