HCG Hormone Diet

hcg injections for weight loss

HCG Diet is a usage of organic hormone which is consumed from absorption putting some drops under the tongue two times a day.

It is easy to lose weight about ten kilos, or lose 10 kilos when used as part from the hCG injections / diet, and even more lose fat 5 kilos quickly, the diet is also available in oral hcg form.

Who discovered the HCG Diet plan ?

About in 1954 doctor ATW Simeons discovered that small drops of that hormone when given as soon as everyday and for a short period of time from 20 up to 40 days in combination with calorie diet equivalent to five hundred calories per day, creates a reduction weight equivalent to one pound ( half a kilo) per day average.

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Additionally, individuals following this type of diet as a protocol for weight loss, dietary needs felt satisfied with this diet and without going via the suffering of hunger. This offered course, an interesting discovery to solve the problem of obesity and weight loss had increased with the progress of urbanization, accelerated function of man and the necessity of eating fast food in retail outlets known to all.