Melt and Pour Soap

melt and pour soap base

Melt and Pour Soap involves liquefying a soap base and putting in fragrance oils ahead of pouring the mixture in molds. Melt and pour soap making can be done at home. Whats great about it is it does not use the lye substance that might cause injury and skin complications. It is faster than any conventional way of producing soap since it does not involve curing.

To do the melt and pour soap making procedure, you need a soap base which can be purchased from specialty shops and establishments offering soap making ingredients and tools. You can also order these needed items from online shops and mostly, these can already be delivered to your door steps after you put the order and paid for it. Beginners should make sure to have all the soap making supplies required to go through the process smoothly.

To begin with your melt and pour soap making procedure, get the soap base block and slice it into smaller pieces. Melt these slices in your trusty microwave or double boiler. Just as the soap melts, the colors and scents can be added and when melted the mixture can then be poured into the soap molds which you had readied. Wait for a maximum of two hours and it will then be ready for use.

For an organic soap, melt and pour soap making is also applicable. The procedure is the same. First, get an all-natural soap base and follow the rest of the instructions. Opting for an all-natural soap makes you convinced that the soap will be beneficial to your skin with lesser harsh chemical used. Find organic soap bases as well as organic colors and fragrances. Look for fancy-shaped molds which you like best.

Organic melt and pour soap making goes similar with making a regular soap. Simply follow the tips mentioned above. Pour mixture in your preferred molds and make them set. Unmold the soap by popping it carefully and when youre done, you can now use your own soap for your regular baths.