Spoil Your Dad For Fathers Day

what to get dad for father's day

Fathers Day is coming. And more than likely your gift probably has something to do with sports. At least that is my plan for my dad. But one problem that Ive been facing in planning a fantastic Fathers Day is that I want to make it memorable. I dont want it to blur with all the other sporting events that he has been to over the years. It needs to stand out, mean something, and make him smile when he thinks back on that day. So, here are a few ideas I came up with to make sure he gets the full sporting events/fathers day experience that he deserves.

• Foam Finger: Yes, this is imperative. The foam finger is a fan favorite and a classic thing to have at a game. In fact, if you are the one going with him to the game, make sure you get one as well. You can both be silly and have a great time cheering on and routing for your favorite sports teams, whatever they are.

• Face Paint: Just like with the foam finger, this one will be a lot of fun. If you are really brave, try to convince your dad to use body paint as well. Let me tell you; he will definitely remember your sports outing if he is wearing enthusiastic body paint supporting his team.

• Nasty Hotdog: Well, maybe you enjoy them. But honestly, they are a part of the experience of going to sporting events. It just wouldnt be the same without the infamous low-quality hotdogs.

• Tailgate Party: Depending on the preference of your father, you can make this a big thing or just something for the two of you. Either way, you are bound to have a great time , enjoying each others company.

• Sports Pick: Do some research and get your father a baseball betting pick or something like that. He will enjoy keeping track of it and watching how his team fares.

• Kodak Moments: Take tons of pictures. It will be easier to recall the memories with pictures. Make sure you get doubles-one for you and one for your father. Hey, if you really want to get mushy/sentimental (depending on how you look at it), frame the pictures and give them to your father for the second part of his fathers day gift.

• Take Care of All the Details: This may go without saying, but let your father have a worry-free sporting experience. Take care of all of it-all the planning. Just let him relax and enjoy. After all the stress that he had to endure putting up with his children, he deserves a relaxing time, right ?

Show your father you care and are grateful for everything that he has done for you and continues to do for you. In a sense, just spoil your dad.

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