Teenage Drivers

teenage driving

The main goal of a teenager turning 16 years old is getting their drivers license. Most teenage drivers think they know how to drive just because they can drive down the road. Teenage drivers dont understand that there are different situations and distractions that come along with driving.

Things that can affect a person driving is drinking, multi-tasking, cell phones, stress, emotions, and not being able to recognize certain situations that can cause an accident.

What if you find out a loved one is in critical condition at the hospital or what if you get into a fight with a girlfriend or boyfriend? What happens? Your emotions take over. When this happens pull over off the roadway. Give yourself time to settle down. You may need to take a short walk or do something relaxing. Do not drive at this time, because you put yourself and other drivers at risk of a driving accident.

A teen driver usually has a curfew. You need to remember not to get in a hurry. Give yourself time to get home without speeding or driving wreckless. Being impatient or rushing can cause you to get a speeding ticket or be involved in an accident. There are too many teens that lose their lives in these types of situations. If you happen to be late call home and explain the situation to your parents.

Another serious situation is road rage. You can accidentally do something or make a mistake that can upset another driver or cause an accident. The best thing to do if youve cause the error is admit the mistake and sincerely apologize.

Remember, teens need to drive smart.

Always keep your eyes on the road and scan ahead of your vehicle so that you can recognize a problem before you get there.

Use a hands-free device for cell phones.

Buckle up!

Remember, drinking and driving can cause fatal accidents. Please, do not drink and drive! If you have drunk any alcoholic beverages allow someone that is sober to drive you to your destination.

Please remember to follow all rules and regulations of driving.

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