The Most Dangerous Place For Kids

safety rules for kids

Next to the school grounds, the school bus or family car can be the most dangerous place for kids if youre not careful. Many schoolchildren die from car accidents yearly. To protect your child, follow the guidelines below.

For school bus riders :-

Check the appearance of the vehicle and its driver. Know the kind of license hes carrying and if he has any bad record.

If you cant bring the kids to school yourself, its best to deal with bus drivers accredited by the school itself. Don’t entrust your child to strangers.

Bus windows should have protective coverings to prevent kids from sticking out their hands or heads while the vehicle is moving.

The bus should have enough hand rails for children to hold on to.

If possible, accompany your child on the first ride to know where the bus goes, how fast it runs, and how long it takes before it reaches your home.

For car owners and/or drivers, here are some safety rules from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Complete Home Medical Guide.

Never drive when you feel sleepy, tired, or ill. Dont attempt to drive after drinking or taking any drug that may impair reflexes, cause drowsiness, or alter judgment.

Always wear your safety belt and make sure that all passengers do the same. Babies and young children should always be securely fastened in safety seats.

Know in advance what to do in a crisis. Know how to pull out of a skid on a slippery road.

Know and observe local safety regulations regarding such things as speed limits and rules of turns.

Always be aware of what other drivers are doing. Drive defensively and remain calm when dealing with other drivers who are rude, careless or speeding.

Watch out for bicycle riders, motorcyclists, joggers, and animals.

Don’t be distracted by conversations, the car radio, arguments, or the scenery.

Enforce rules regarding horseplay or poor behavior in the car. If necessary, pull off the road and stop the car and put an end to distracting behavior.

Don’t attempt to drive during a heavy downpour or other bad weather that affects visibility and road conditions. If you must drive at such times, make sure the car is properly equipped with appropriate devices and that you know what to do in case of skids or other hazardous situations.

Be sure your view is unobstructed by passengers, packages, or other objects.

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