Dr. Susan Lim has made Valued Contributions to Book Chapters

Dr Susan Lim has accepted many speaking assignments, including the talk at the INK conference in Lavasa, which is on the TED website. Dr Susan Lim has published over a hundred clinical and scientific publications describing her work. She has also contributed several chapters to medical and scientific books. These have included a textbook on the Clinical Approach to Paediatric and adolescent Gynaecology published in Singapore where Dr Susan Lim wrote a chapter on Breast Physiology and its disorders in Adolescence.

As a researcher, Dr Susan Lim co-authored a chapter on Cyclosporin A and tolerance induction in experimental animals in a textbook entitled Cyclosporin A: mode of action and clinical application. Dr Lim also co-authored a chapter entitled Lymphocyte subset profiles in naive and Cyclosporine A induced allograft tolerant rats in a textbook entitle Transplantation and Clinical Immunology XXI during her time in Cambridge UK as a PHD student under the Churchill (Gulbenkian) Scholarship.

Dr Susan Lim also contributed to a chapter in a Singapore book entitled Stem Cells: From Bench to Bedside, second edition edited by Ariff Bongso and Lee Eng Hin of Singapore, during her time as adjunct professor at the National University of Singapore. The title of the chapter which Dr Susan Lim of Singapore co-authored was Stem cells of the Human liver: basic science and clinical applications. Stem cell biology has drawn tremendous interest in recent years as it promises cures for a variety of incurable diseases. This book deals with the basic and clinical aspects of stem cell research.