Nutrient Rich Garden Soil

Why? As a result of loss of topsoil due to erosion, the overuse of nitrogen pollutants the soil depleted. Food lacks the nutrients required to keep people healthy. It is not difficult to find that 80% or more have their roots we consider what constitutes the basis of the foodstuffs. Without adequate nourishment, particularly minerals, research shows that individuals develop chronic health conditions. Increasingly nutrient studies have linked many of todays life threatening heart issues, diseasesdiabetes, stroke, obesity, high blood pressure degree, macular degeneration, bone loss, and dementia. Take some time and consider what occurred across the Flood. The rain poured down and when the fountains burst, it sloshed everything from the water and around.

Since the water that dirt started to settle out. We know that minerals will settle at depths because of the activity and their weight that water has upon them. We see this in layers of several minerals, in veins of precious metals or on a grand scale layers of lime. All the veins of coal were not just the matter, but the matter that was in that land that is Edenic. We don’t have to accept nutrient deficient land and food. Back in the 1920 and also 30s God opened of the eyes of some people that saw where the tendency of conventional agriculture was leading.

Many of those individuals were Dr.Charles Northern. Carey Reams, and Dr.William Albrecht. Few gave them heed, but decades of research revealed this with appropriate cultivation, the soil might be brought back and also the nutrient quality of produce might be increased tenfold. These men were able to increase of the sugar content of produce by up to 3 or 4 times.