Tips For Picking Out Children Clothing

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A person shopping for children clothing should keep in mind, that kids have their own personal tastes. These tastes are not the same as the childs mother or father, no matter how much mom wishes her child would wear something she thinks is absolutely darling.

This also means that the childs tastes wont be the same as the shoppers, so beware picking out an item of clothing for a child simply because you personally like it. If you are going shopping to pickup children clothing as a gift for a child you may want to take that child with you. He or she will be able to participate in the shopping process to ensure that they get clothing theyll like and that theyll wear on a regular basis. Plus, you are still giving a great gift to your niece, nephew or god child.

If its not possible to take the child with you when you are about to go shopping for that important gift of clothing, a second option is taking the parents or asking the parents about the childs tastes. They are after all the secret bearers of their kids innermost yearnings and fashion desires.

Getting Childrens Clothing Information from ParentsA simple phone call and a mention that youll be planning on picking up a new shirt and pair of pants for the little one will be sufficient to get the parents talking. Before you hang up the phone you should have the childs size, favorite color, favorite movies, sports or characters and clothing styles written down.

Some kids have allergies to certain fabrics. Make sure to confirm with the parents what kind of fabric they prefer and if there are any allergies to worry about. Some parents simply prefer a fabric because its easier to clean, such as cotton.

The child may also have a need for specialty items, like dress wear. Youll be able to find out from the parents if the child you are shopping for needs a new tie, or classy shoes for a special occasion.

You can also keep in mind a few basic things about shopping for children clothing when you go. Kids are notorious for growth spurts. If it looks like the kid you are shopping for is due for a growth spurt soon you may want to purchase a size larger in clothing. This gives them a little room for growing and you know that your gift will last longer.

Kids also tend to get dirty. Heavy duty clothing like jeans are a great idea for the rough and tumble types and they are easy to clean. Cotton is an easy fabric to get clean of stains. White clothing and underwear can be safely bleached by parents without worrying about colors leaching from the fabric.

Above all when shopping for children clothing keep in mind the styles that youve seen the child wearing. Theyll appreciate the thought you put into your purchase and theres half a chance that theyll actually wear the clothing you buy them.

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